• Image of Art History Sketchbook Prompts, $4 for one set or $10 for all

Each set has 16 art history prompts! 16 DIFFERENT artists.

These art history cards feature a selection of inspiring famous artworks with a prompt that can be used to spark drawing and writing.

Print off the cards on cardstock, cut in half and laminate to protect them. You can print off as many copies as you would like. You are welcome to share them with other teachers in your school or district.

Students can use these cards
• in art journals or sketchbooks
• at an art center
• as an enrichment activity
• as an activity with a substitute teacher
• to spark an idea for a larger artwork
• in combination with a creative writing activity (have the kids write a story, poem
or statement about their response to the featured artwork)

Each page in the sets has two cards, for a total of 16 prompt cards in each set.

In Set #1, Artists include:
Winslow Homer
Pablo Picasso
Beatrix Potter
Frida Kahlo
Helen Frankenthaler
Grant Wood
Romare Bearden
Alexander Calder
Edvard Munch
Marc Chagall
Paul Klee
James Rizzi
Henri Matisse
Keith Haring

In Set #2, Artists include:
Rene Magritte
Claude Monet
Salvador Dali
Wassily Kandinsky
Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Georgia O'Keeffe
Leonardo da Vinci
Egon Schiele
Mary Cassatt
Henri Rousseau
Francis Bacon
Yayoi Kusama (installation art)
Janet Fish
Hans Arp
Saul Steinberg (cartoonist)
Frank Stella

In Set #3, Artists include:
Artists include:
Giuseppe Arcimboldo
Miriam Schapiro
Giorgio Morandi
Dr. Suess
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
Joan Miró
Sandy Skoglund
Hannah Hoch
Bridget Riley
Johannes Vermeer
Shel Silverstein
Gustav Klimt
Rembrandt van Rijn
Edgar Degas
Vincent Van Gogh
Andy Warhol

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